ANDS Slix Disposable Vape – Berries

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ANDS Slix Specifications

  • Dimensions: 110 x 16mm

  • Material: Plastic, Metal, Silicone, Cardboard – fully recyclable

  • Battery capacity: 400mAh

  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml

  • Nicotine strength: 20mg (2%) salt nicotine

  • Number of puffs: Up to 600

  • Activation: Auto draw

  • berries flavoured disposable vape.The SLIX Eco, created by ANDS, is a pocket-friendly and convenient disposable vape that doesn’t require any maintenance or setup, making it ideal for new and experienced vapers alike. Designed to be recyclable and replaced when it expires.

Draw activated (no buttons) and is prefilled with 2 ml of 20 & 45 mg / ml nicotine salt e-liquid.

What is the ANDS Slix?

The Slix by ANDS is an innovative disposable vape device designed with sustainability in mind. It offers a mouth-to-lung vaping experience similar to traditional cigarettes and is designed for easy recycling after use.

How is the ands Slix activated?

The Ands Slix is activated through inhalation. It does not require any buttons or menus to operate. Simply inhale to start vaping.

What are the Eco Properties of Ands Slix Disposables?

The Slix features a biodegradable mouthpiece and a main body constructed from commonly recyclable metal and plastic. Its structure is enhanced by a high-grade cardboard tube, and it’s powered by a recyclable lithium battery.

What type of coil does the Slix Disposable use?

Ands Slix uses a Nexcore mesh coil for quick, even heating and enhanced flavour.

Is the Ands Slix good for beginners or people new to vaping?

Yes, the Ands Slix Disposable is straightforward to use, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned vapers. It features inhale activation, meaning you simply draw on the device to start vaping.

What was the release date of Ands Slix?

Ands Slix Disposables were released on the 3rd June 2023

What are the Ands Slix flavours?

Ands Slix Disposable flavours:

  • Blue Raspberry lemonade
  • Cream Tobacco
  • Grape
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
  • Mint
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Sour Raspberry
  • Watermelon

The ANDS Slix disposables are manufactured in Shenzhen, China on the behalf of ANDS Globe UK, a company I have very little knowledge of.

So let’s get up to speed together on this relative newcomer to the disposable vape market. Some of you may already know what ANDS stands for – “Alternative Nicotine Delivery System”. All vaping devices fall into this category including the product under review today.

Disposables are ten a penny these days and constantly under media gaze for one reason or another. Opinions have become very divisive shall we say and one hot area is with their impact on the environment.

What Can We Expect From the ANDS Slix Disposable Vapes?

Every single thing about the Slix disposable vape is recyclable – from the paper packaging to the Silicone end stopper.

It’s always great to see vape manufacturers doing their bit for the environment. It’s just a shame this level of responsibility isn’t being extended to other areas of their use. But that’s a debate for another day.

So what do we know about the inner working of the ANDS Slix disposable?

Well, underneath the fully recyclable cardboard tube lies a 400mAh battery, ready to power a tiny MTL coil. I’ve no idea whether it’s mesh or not or even what the resistance is. The chances are it’s between 1.0 and 1.2ohm.

Discover the epitome of vaping convenience with ANDS Slix Disposables, a top-tier choice in the UK for hassle-free, disposable devices. Our Disposable Vape Pens redefine satisfaction with the burst of berries encapsulated in the popular Slix Eco Bar. Explore the best disposables the market has to offer and enjoy seamless, disposable delivery straight to your doorstep.

Indulge in the goodness of ANDS Slix, the pinnacle of disposable smoking experience, crafted for both beginners and connoisseurs. Uncover the excellence of our eco-friendly SLIX DISPOSABLE VAPE, a testament to innovation and sustainability in the vaping realm.


استكشف روعة التدخين بكل سهولة مع ANDS Slix Disposables، الاختيار الأمثل في المملكة المتحدة لأجهزة الفيب المريحة والقابلة للتخلص.  Disposable Vape Pens الخاصة بنا، التي تعيد تعريف المتعة مع انفجار الفواكه البرية في Slix Eco Bar . استكشف أفضل الأجهزة القابلة للتخلص التي يقدمها السوق واستمتع بتوصيل فوري وسلس

تدلل بجمالية ANDS Slix، قمة تجربة التدخين القابلة للتخلص، المصممة للمبتدئين وعشاق الفيب. اكتشف تميز Disposable Smoking مع SLIX DISPOSABLE VAPE، شهادة على الابتكار والاستدامة في عالم الفيب.




Nicotine 20MG , 45MG

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