Starting your vaping journey can be challenging, especially with so many vape pens on the market. While it might be tempting to go for the cheapest option, this can often lead to a disappointing experience.

Choosing the right vape pen is crucial for a satisfying experience, and we’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll provide expert tips to help you pick the best vape pen as a beginner. By the end, you’ll know what to look for and how to enhance your vaping journey.

Whether you’re switching from smoking or just curious about vaping, this guide will help you find the perfect vape pen. Let’s get started!



A vape pen, or e-cigarette, is a handheld device that lets you inhale vapor instead of smoke. Unlike traditional cigarettes that burn tobacco, vape pens use e-liquid or vape juice. This liquid is heated by a coil, producing vapor for you to inhale

Vape pens vary in shape, size, and design. Some are disposable, while others are rechargeable and refillable. Many offer adjustable settings for a customized vaping experience


Now that you understand what a vape pen is and its components, let’s explore the types of vape pens available for beginners. This section will highlight the best options for those new to vaping

Starter Kits

GeekVape Wenax S3 Kit

KWD 10.000

GeekVape Wenax S3 Pod Kit Description:

Wenax S3(Stylus 3) Kit is powered by a built-in 1100mAh battery with 18W max to priovide marvelous 2-day-use battery life and consistent taste. It supports 3-level output adjustments: (Red: Low, Blue: Med, Green: High) and precise airflow adjustment to bring you various taste. Designed with boost mode, you can press the button to activate the max output for the max clouds. It also features device lock button and supports auto draw or button-triggered to bring you easy and convenient use. By adopting intelligent 360° ring indicators, it can show the battery status clearly. The latest VPU tech inside can provide mellower taste, longer usage lifespan and safer vape. It is compatible with GeekVape S 0.8Ω/1.2Ω Cartridge(Coil is not replaceable) that can work with ergonomic & filter drip tip to bring you different vaping experience.

GeekVape Wenax Stylus 3 Vape Pen Kit Parameters:

Brand GeekVape

Product Name Wenax S3 Kit

Battery Capacity Built-in 1100mAh battery

Output Power 5W-18W

Charging Port Type-C

Battery Status Instructions White Light(0%~30%), Blue Light(31%~69%), Green Light(70%~100%)

Operating Temperature 0℃~45℃

Airflow Precise adjustable airflow

Capacity 2ml

Coil Resistance 0.8Ω/1.2Ω

Drip Tip Ergonomic drip tip & filter drip tip

Fit For GeekVape S 0.8Ω/1.2Ω Cartridge

Product Size 123.8*19mm

Packing Size 81*32*135mm

Carton Size 421*283*289mm (50pcs/carton, 8.18KG)

Color Classic Black, Texture Dark, Texture Blue, Atom Silver, Pearl White


GeekVape Wenax S3 Details:

1. Upgraded S Cartridge with 2 different drip tip

2. Able to work with ergonomic & filter drip tip

3. Fit for GeekVape S 0.8Ω/1.2Ω Cartridge

4. 2ml capacity, easy refilling system

5. Built-in 1100mAh battery with 18W max

6. Intelligent 360° ring indicators for clear device status

7. Supports 3-level output adjustments

8. Boost mode to activate max output for max clouds

9. Adopts the latest VPU tech fot better vaping experience

10. Equipped with device lock button

11. Supports auto draw or button-triggered

12. Designed with leek and modern appearance

Battery using notice: Make sure to charge in or on a fire-proof surface. Don’t leave charging batteries unattended. Please have the fundamental knowledge about the batteries you are using and how to make use of them correctly.

وصف GeekVape Wenax S3 Pod Kit:

يتم تشغيل مجموعة Wenax S3 (Stylus 3) ببطارية مدمجة بقوة 1100 مللي أمبير في الساعة مع 18 وات كحد أقصى لتوفير عمر بطارية رائع للاستخدام لمدة يومين وطعم ثابت.

وهو يدعم تعديلات الإخراج بثلاثة مستويات: (أحمر: منخفض، أزرق: متوسط، أخضر: مرتفع) وتعديل دقيق لتدفق الهواء ليمنحك ذوقًا متنوعًا. تم تصميمه مع وضع التعزيز، 

يمكنك الضغط على الزر لتنشيط الحد الأقصى للإخراج للسحب القصوى. 

كما أنه يتميز بزر قفل الجهاز ويدعم السحب التلقائي أو الضغط على الزر ليوفر لك استخدامًا سهلاً ومريحًا. 

من خلال اعتماد مؤشرات حلقة ذكية بزاوية 360 درجة، يمكنها إظهار حالة البطارية بوضوح. يمكن أن توفر أحدث تقنيات VPU بالداخل طعمًا أفضل وعمر استخدام أطول وvape أكثر أمانًا.

 وهو متوافق مع خرطوشة GeekVape S 0.8Ω/1.2Ω والتي يمكن أن تعمل مع طرف تنقيط مريح وفلتر لتجلب لك تجربة vaping مختلفة.

معلومات مجموعة أقلام GeekVape Wenax Stylus 3:

العلامة التجاريةGeekVape

اسم المنتج طقم ويناكس S3

سعة البطارية بطارية مدمجة بقوة 1100 مللي أمبير في الساعة

طاقة الإخراج 5 وات – 18 وات

منفذ الشحن من النوع C

تعليمات حالة البطارية الضوء الأبيض (0%~30%)، الضوء الأزرق (31%~69%)، الضوء الأخضر (70%~100%)

درجة حرارة التشغيل 0 درجة مئوية ~ 45 درجة مئوية

تدفق الهواء: تدفق هواء دقيق قابل للتعديل

السعة 2 مل

مقاومة الملف 0.8Ω/1.2Ω

طرف بالتنقيط، طرف تنقيط مريح وطرف تنقيط مرشح

مناسب لخرطوشة GeekVape S 0.8Ω/1.2Ω

حجم المنتج 123.8*19 مللي متر

حجم التعبئة 81*32*135 مللي متر

حجم الكرتون 421*283*289 ملم (50 قطعة/كرتون، 8.18 كجم)

اللون أسود كلاسيكي، نسيج داكن، أزرق نسيج، فضي ذرة، أبيض لؤلؤي


تفاصيل GeekVape Wenax S3:

1. خرطوشة S مُحدثة مع طرفي تنقيط مختلفين

2. قادر على العمل مع طرف التنقيط المريح والفلتر

3. مناسب لخرطوشة GeekVape S 0.8Ω/1.2Ω

4. سعة 2 مل، نظام إعادة تعبئة سهل

5. بطارية مدمجة بقوة 1100 مللي أمبير بقدرة 18 وات كحد أقصى

6. مؤشرات حلقة ذكية بزاوية 360 درجة لحالة الجهاز الواضحة

7. يدعم تعديلات الإخراج 3 مستويات

8. وضع التعزيز لتنشيط الحد الأقصى من الإخراج لأقصى سحب

9. يعتمد أحدث تقنيات VPU لتجربة vaping أفضل

10. مزود بزر قفل الجهاز

11. يدعم السحب التلقائي أو الضغط على الزر

12. مصممة بالكراث والمظهر الحديث

إشعار استخدام البطارية:  لا تترك شحن البطاريات دون مراقبة. يرجى الحصول على المعرفة الأساسية حول البطاريات التي تستخدمها وكيفية استخدامها بشكل صحيح.

And Here Some Suggestions.

WENAX M1 Pod Kit By Geekvape (New Colors)

Digiflavor U Pod Kit 1000mAh

Select options

Starter kits are ideal for vaping beginners. They include everything you need: a battery, tank, coils, and a charging cable. These kits are user-friendly and budget-friendly

Disposable Vapes

Air Bar Nano Disposable - Black currant

KWD 1.750

Introducing the Air Bar Nano, the ultimate disposable vape device that combines compactness, convenience, and flavor variety. With its sleek and lightweight design, this small-sized vape device easily fits into your pocket or purse, making it perfect for on-the-go vaping.

The Air Bar Nano boasts an impressive 800 puffs, providing long-lasting enjoyment without the hassle of refills or recharging. Whether you're a casual vaper or a frequent enthusiast, this device offers an extended vaping experience in a single package.

But what truly sets the Air Bar Nano apart is its extensive range of flavors. Indulge your taste buds with a plethora of options, With such a wide selection, there's a flavor to suit every preference.

Experience vaping made simple with the Air Bar Nano—lightweight, compact, and bursting with flavor. It's the perfect choice for those seeking a hassle-free and satisfying vaping experience.

And You Can The Other Flavors. 

Air Bar Nano Disposable – Pink Lemon

Air Bar Nano Disposable – TOBACCO

Select options

Disposable vapes offer a simple and convenient vaping option. Pre-filled with e-liquid, they are used until empty and then discarded. They’re perfect for trying vaping without a costly investment.

Vape Mods

Geekvape AN 2 (Aegis Nano 2) Kit 1100mAh

KWD 8.000

GeekVape AN 2 (Aegis Nano 2) Kit

GeekVape Aegis Nano 2 Kit Description:

GeekVape AN 2 Kit is a compact and powerful tri-proof pod system device. It comes with 1100mAh built-in battery, brings 30W max output and precise adjustments for airflow & output. With the industry-leading tri-proof tech, it can be protected well in harsher environments. The cartridge packed with has the features of top filling, 2ml capacity. In addition, innovative airflow structure is designed to prevent leakage, and offers smoother taste. Geekvape AN 2 Kit is compatible with Geekvape N Cartridge. With the latest VPU tech, It will provide a better experience, longer usage lifespan.

GeekVape AN 2 Parameters:

Brand GeekVape

Product Name GeekVape AN 2 Kit

Size 87.0*34.25*24.71mm

Output Power 30W max

Pod Capacity 2ml

Coil Resistance 0.6/1.2ohm

Battery Capacity 1100mAh

Charging Port Type-C

Display 0.69 inch Display

Filling Type Top filling

Compatible with Geekvape N Pod Cartridge, GeekVape Aegis Nano Pod Cartridge

Package Size 81*32*135mm(1pc)

Carton Size 421*283*189mm(50pcs)

GeekVape AN 2 Pod System Kit Details:

1. Industry-leading tri-proof tech: water & dust & shock resistance

2. 30W max output

3. Precise adjustment for airflow & output

4. 1100mAh battery capacity

5. Leakproof design, 0.69 inch OLED display

6. Top filling system

7. Latest VPU tech bring better vaping and longer usage lifespan

The package of GeekVape AN 2 Pod Kit Comes With:

1* GeekVape AN 2 Device

1* GeekVape N Cartridge 0.6ohm (Pre-installed)

1* GeekVape N Cartridge 1.2ohm (Spare)

1* USB Type=C Cable (0.2m)

1* GeekVape AN 2 Chain


● Battery using notice: Make sure to charge in or on a fire-proof surface. Don't leave charging batteries unattended. Please have the fundamental knowledge about the batteries you are using and how to make use of them correctly.

And You Can Get There Pods.

Geekvape N Cartridge Replacement Pods

Select options

Vape mods are more advanced than starter kits, offering greater customization with adjustable wattage, temperature, and voltage. They often have larger tanks for more e-liquid. While more expensive, they require more knowledge and experience to use effectively

Pod Vapes

Pod vapes use replaceable pods pre-filled with e-liquid instead of tanks. They’re easy to use and more discreet than other vape pens. Once the e-liquid is gone, you simply replace the pod

Squonk Mods

Squonk mods are advanced vape mods with a built-in squeeze bottle to feed e-liquid into the atomizer, favored by experienced vapers for customization

When choosing a vape pen, consider your preferences, budget, and experience level. In the next section, we’ll guide you on selecting a vape pen suitable for beginners. Keep reading to learn more


Choosing the right vape pen can be daunting for beginners due to the many options available. However, with some research and useful tips, you can find the ideal vape pen for your needs. In this section, we’ll guide you on selecting a vape pen perfect for beginners

Determine Your Vaping Preferences

Before shopping, consider your vaping preferences. Do you like mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung hits? What type of e-liquid do you prefer? How often will you use your vape pen? These factors will guide your choice

Set a Realistic Budget

Set your budget before shopping for a vape pen. As a beginner, you don’t need to spend on a high-end model. Many affordable options will suit your needs perfectly

Look for Starter Kits

For beginners, consider a starter kit. These kits include all essential components like battery, tank, coils, and charging cable. They’re cost-effective and easy to use, making them ideal for new vapers

Research Brands and Models

Once you know your preferences and budget, research different brands and models. Look for reputable brands known for quality and good customer service. Read reviews from other vapers to understand the pros and cons of each model

Buy from a Reputable Retailer

Buy your vape pen from a reputable retailer with a good selection, fair prices, and great customer service. This ensures you get a quality product and support if needed.


After selecting your vape pen, ensure safe and effective use with these tips. They’ll help you maximize your device’s potential while reducing risks

Read the instructions carefully

Read the manufacturer’s instructions before using your vape pen to ensure correct and safe usage

Charge the battery safely

To avoid damage to the battery, always use the charger provided with your vape pen. Don’t leave the battery charging unattended and avoid overcharging.

Keep your device clean

Regularly clean your vape pen, especially the mouthpiece and chamber, following the provided instructions. This maintains quality and safety

Use high-quality e-liquids

Always use high-quality e-liquids from reputable brands. Poor quality e-liquids can cause damage to your device, compromise your health, and deliver an unsatisfactory vaping experience

Start with low nicotine strength

New vapers should start with low nicotine e-liquids to prevent headaches, dizziness, or nausea

Take breaks

Take breaks while vaping to avoid discomfort and potential health issues caused by over-vaping

Know your device

Familiarize yourself with your vape pen’s operation to avoid issues and maximize its performance

Use your device responsibly

Use your vape pen safely by following these guidelines: avoid using while driving or operating machinery, keep away from children and pets, choose a reputable brand, and follow safety precautions for a safe and enjoyable experience


Choosing the right vape pen can be daunting, especially for beginners. However, by considering the factors discussed here, you can make an informed decision.

Remember, vaping is personal, so what works for one may not work for another. Take your time, research, and try different options.

Approach vaping responsibly and cautiously for a safe and enjoyable experience. Follow these guidelines for a satisfying vaping journey tailored to your preferences.

Thank you for reading. We hope this guide helps you choose the best vape pen for your needs. Happy vaping!

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