How to Fix Your Vape’s Crackling Sound ? 2024

Why Does My Vape Crackle & How Do I Fix It?

When your vape crackles, it can be concerning, especially if you’re new to vaping. However, it’s a common issue with simple solutions. These noises can diminish your vaping enjoyment, but understanding the reasons behind them and making a few adjustments can help.

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A crackling noise when vaping is normal and common. It happens because the e-liquid is rapidly heated by the coil to create vapor when you inhale. This sound indicates that your vape is functioning correctly, reflecting the evaporation process

There are several reasons for this noise, and understanding them can help you better comprehend your device. Let’s explore the main causes of a crackling vape.

Why Does My Vape Crackle?

Your vape crackling has plenty of explanations that show that there’s no need to panic. Let’s get started with the first common cause:

Your Vape Coil Type

The type of coil in your vape affects its noise level. Coils with a larger surface area heat more liquid quickly, enhancing flavor but also increasing crackling sounds. Mesh coils are designed similarly.

A new coil will be louder initially but should quiet down after a few days as it settles in.

Your E-Liquid

The type of e-liquid affects your vape’s noise level. Thinner liquids with more PG produce louder crackling sounds, while thicker liquids with more VG are quieter. Regardless, some crackling is normal.

Excessive crackling may indicate overflowed liquid inside the coil, causing more noise as it heats up.

The Power Output of Your Vape

Higher power settings increase the crackling noise, while lower settings can cause gurgling and e-liquid overflow. Slightly increasing the power can help prevent this. Sub-ohm vapes, which use higher power, are louder but for a shorter duration. Noise levels mainly reflect your vape’s power output and are generally not a concern.

How to Fix Your Vape’s Crackling Sound

While a crackling vape is not a major issue, you may be looking to limit its noise level. Perhaps you’re also experiencing vape spitting along with the crackling, which is possible to prevent. 

Let’s take a look at some of the easy fixes guaranteed to take your vaping experience to the next level!

Clean Your Vape Tank

To reduce excessive crackling and ‘spitback’ without replacing the coil, give your vape device a few sharp downward flicks over a paper towel or sink to remove excess e-liquid.


You can also clean your tank by wiping the mouthpiece with cotton wool, a paper towel, or cotton buds to limit crackling before you start vaping

Change Your Power Settings

Increasing the power can prevent excess liquid from leaking into the coil, but ensure your coil is compatible with the wattage. Lowering the power reduces noise but makes the crackle last longer. Experiment with power settings to find what suits your vaping preferences best.

Take Shorter Draws

To reduce crackling, take shorter draws. This limits the amount of e-liquid vaporized at once, decreasing the noise.

It’s an easy fix if you’re not ready to make major changes to your device. Try it next time you vape!

Switch Your E-Liquid

Choosing a higher VG and lower PG e-liquid can reduce noise, as thicker liquids dampen sound and evaporate more slowly.


Switching to a VG-rich e-liquid is a good option if you want to reduce noise without changing your device. We offer a wide range of flavorful e-liquids to meet all your vaping needs!

Replace the Device Altogether

If you have significant concerns, consider replacing your device for a more comfortable vaping experience.

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