PHIX PLUS Starter Kit By MLV

MLV's Phix Plus is an all in one system aimed at providing a premiere combination of portability, ease of use, and a rich flavor ecosystem with a striking chassis and a cCell powered plug and play Pod system. The Phix Plus features a striking hexahedron chassis with sharp lining and futuristic styling, presenting a versatile modern design language. The Phix Plus utilizes a draw activated firing mechanism that makes general use feel organic and natural, while the Phix Plus's Plug and Play Connection uses a proprietary magnetic connection. Each Phix Plus Pod features a 1.5ml capacity while utilizing a cCell Ceramic Coil, the first all in one ultra portable kit to utilize a ceramic wicking element, providing exceptional flavor recreation. Powering the Phix Plus's voltage based output is a integrated rechargeable 320 mAh battery that can be charged at a maximum rate of 1A via the magnetic charge port for minimal downtime. The MLV Phix Plus has a three stage LED battery light indicator; Blue means full, Orange means half, and Red means low. The Phix Plus also comes pre-installed with a removable clip for portability and versatility. Entering the new generation of all in one systems and ultra portable kits with one of the first ceramic wicking materials utilized in their pod system, MLV's Phix Plus Ultra Portable System brings one of the best flavor experiences in its respective market segment. 

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