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You have come to the right eCommerce store if you are looking for alternatives to smoking like vaping, tobacco heating with IQOS, etc. Heating tobacco is the ideal step to take toward quitting. Besides this, heating it has several other benefits, some of the main one being the rich aroma. Heating our special tobacco products helps release a special flavor. It is available in various flavors from our store. We have the perfect selection of products, including IQOS devices, tobacco Heatsticks for IQOS in various flavours, tobacco rolls vapes, boxes with rolling trays, and more.

Q8Vapes is the one-stop shop for all your vaping needs. A typical pack of HEETS will consist of 20 HEET tobacco sticks which are rounded rich tobacco blend sticks. You will find HEETS in several flavors at Q8Vapes, which is also considered the perfect replacement for cigarettes. This is used in a tobacco unit that consists of a plug for heating. This is a product that can satisfy your needs and will not disappoint. It has a sophisticated and balanced tobacco taste which also includes an herbal touch.

Q8Vapes is the perfect online store to get your hands on the heatsticks flavor of your choice. There are several other products that you can also shop for like the Bob Marley rolling tray, cigarette case holder, and many more. HEETS is available in variable intensity; some of them are listed here:

HEETS Yellow Selection: This is a soft and fragrant mellow tobacco blend with a touch of spice. It is of medium intensity but strong in aroma.

HEETS Turquoise Selection Menthol: This is a lightly toasted tobacco blend that is of low intensity and aroma. However, it does have a crisp method of cooling effect.

HEETS Amber Selection: This too is medium intensity but has a stronger aroma.

HEETS Bronze Selection: The bronze selection is both strong in aroma and intensity.

HEETS for IQOS is available in various flavors with a hit of nut flavor. It gives one a sweet and fresh aroma that is also long-lasting. Depending on the aroma and the intensity, it will give one a sweet breath.



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